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Jack Welcomes guest NHL Great Alex Kovalev. They discuss the Stanley Cup, Olympic Gold, Kids, Acting, and more! Please enjoy!

Jack Welcomes guests Lori Glibert & Daniel Tuttle to the show to discuss a change that your mind & soul are seeking. You can find them both at Lori Gilbert @lorigilbertart and her website and Daniel Tuttle at @theprovocativeintuitive and his website

We are always looking for the “Magic Pill” that will change our life. Listen in and I’ll tell you where it is!

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Chief Medical Correspondent at ABC Good Morning America, joins us to talk about the release of her new book “The Self-Care Solution”. Join us!

Jack Welcomes author Tom Avitabile to the show today to discuss his books Give Us This Day, The Eighth Day, The Hammer of God, and The God Particle. Plus some other great topics!

Jack welcomes Kabbalistic Astrologer Rachel Schwartz to the show for a fun discussion on true Astrology and its origins! Please join us!

Jack welcomes Attorney Lauren Rudick to the show for a fantastic discussion on CBD and a few of the laws around the industry.Lauren is the co-founder of Hiller, PC’s Cannabis Law practice area. What started as a passion project in patient rights during a brief residency in California, Lauren has become one of the nation’s preeminent attorneys servicing medical Cannabis industry players in the Green Rush.

Jack shows us what the size of the earth actually looks like from 6 billion miles away on his video, then talks about the meaning of creating a positive environment on this tiny spec of dust we call home.

Daniel Tuttle the Provocative Intuitive joins the show today! We get into everything spiritual, manifestation, and healing today!

Celebrity matchmaker Amy Laurent joins the show today with tips to a healthier relationship. We add some fun to the show as well! Listen in!

Dr. Anna Yusim joins the show today to discuss how she integrates Spirituality into her Psychiatry practice, and give insights from her best selling book “Fulfilled”.

I interview Sara Yardeni in New York about change in our own lives and what it means. She also has a meditation to share with us. I hope you enjoy this short piece.

We have so much greatness inside us but we just never dig deep to bring it out!
Recorded on 9-18-19

We are always looking for the “Magic Pill” that will change our life. Listen in and I’ll tell you where it is! Recorded on 9.10.19

We listen to our friends, family, and co-workers. But none of us are perfect. Always remember that.

Are we good in our life to be able to receive the things we meditate, pray for, and try to manifest in our life? And social media lurkers!

Laura shares a story about how an uncomfortable situation with family can be avoided simply by “Asking” a question. Defuse!

Be Authentic! What does that truly mean? It’s become the cliche’ catch phrase.

Spring is in full swing!! Don’t just clean your house, clean your life! In all things clean!!

We set intentions for our daily personal life, lets do that with our business!

Life mastery is a journey with yourself. You are the captain of your own ship.